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Sure! Just log into your account and and pause it. Dont forget to restart it though when you want some more tasty coffee! 

Absolutely! Just log into your account and change it. You can drop us a line if you are unsure if you have done it time for the next delivery. 

We will dispatch your subscription the next working day. 

Sure! The best way to do this is the set up a subscription and put the delivery address as the lucky recipient of the gift. You will have control of the subscription rather than the person receiving the subscription. (I didn't tell you this but if you then fall out with them you can then change the delivery address to yourself - don't fall out with them on purpose now!) 


Your subscription will be charged every 2 weeks from the day you purchased it. Your coffee will be shipped on our 2 weekly subscription shipping cycle. 

I'm sorry but we just ship subscriptions to the UK. 

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